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Cross wiki spamming[brontekst bewerken]


I apologize to have to write in English here.

The corresponding French article is currently being discussed for deletion, after having been deleted by a very strong majority two years ago.

The key points of this discussion are :

  • there exist now some secondary sources, and some of them focus on him, such as the article in Marianne (typically), and now On n'est pas couché on France 2 (10 days ago), with these comments;
  • however, independant sources of good standing are still rare. So, because François Asselineau has a cyber activist team (about 100 people, headed by Marvin Leroy), spamming and non neutral additions keep coming in large numbers, and even on the French Wikipédia, we fear not to be able to contain it to maintain a balanced article.
    The cross wiki spamming - with over 90 stubs created by François Asselineau's Internet activists (a lot of which have now been deleted) - is proof of this Internet activism; hence the fear that neutral, balanced articles will be extremely difficult to maintain; even the English article is strongly biased, with favorable facts blown out of all proportion, and negative points "forgotten".

So, the current discussion on the French "deletion page" (AfD) centers on this : are the existing sources strong enough to resist spamming and non neutral additions?

For the time being, a majority believe the notability of François Asselineau is not enough to take the risk.

Best regards. --Azurfrog (overleg) 4 okt 2014 08:41 (UTC)[reageren]

By the way, François Asselineau never was a "candidate for the French 2012 presidential elections"! He just wanted to be: to run for President, one has to obtain 500 supports from notable politicians (such as the mayors of the 30,000 villages in France). François Asselineau only managed to obtain 17, and so fell very far from what was demanded to be a candidate.
Just one example of how biased these stubs are. --Azurfrog (overleg) 4 okt 2014 08:41 (UTC)[reageren]
The sentence in the article: "Je was kandidoat vo de Fransche presidentsverkiêzieng'n van 2012, moa je gerakte nie an de nôdige 500 handteêk'ns vor hem verkiêsboar te kunn'n stell'n", means just what you said about the 500 supports, so there is nothing wrong with it. I also read the discussion on English Wikipedia and I see no reason why this should be deleted... --Zeisterre (overleg) 4 okt 2014 11:55 (UTC)[reageren]
Saying he was a candidate in the 2012 French presidential elections is downright false: he wanted to be, this is true (he was a "declared candidate" to become a candidate), but he never was, and never ran for President, like so many other would-be candidates.
As for the English article, one of the problems is that very few of the English editors can read French, so they never go to the bottom of it. You'd better refer to the French page, much more neutral and balanced. Further arguments are currently discussed on the French AfD, which clearly insists that Asselineau is known on Wikipédia for harassment, not as a politician: out of the French Wikipedia, he is a virtual nobody, a conspirationist without any political program at all as long as France is not out of the euro, the European Union, and NATO.
However, you are right on one point: subject was deemed to meet en:WP:GNG as Asselineau had become notable because he did not have a French Wikipedia page: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]... (hence the cross wiki spamming).
Since this is enough to meet the English GNG (contrary to fr:WP:CGN and fr:WP:NPP), I "voted" Keep myself in the last English AfD. Problem is, the English page is extremely biased and does not meet en:WP:UNDUE. Because independant secondary sources are rare, it is now very difficult to correct it without re-writing the page from scratch.
This being said, it is up to you; just be warned that Asselineau has become known through his Internet activism, with a very active dedicated team (this article here - among many others - bearing evidence to it), and that maintaining a neutral article is and will be practically impossible.
Regards. --Azurfrog (overleg) 4 okt 2014 13:18 (UTC)[reageren]
Changed 'he was a candidate' into 'he wanted to be'... --Zeisterre (overleg) 4 okt 2014 13:42 (UTC)[reageren]

Cross wiki spamming[brontekst bewerken]

For information - Regards --Lomita (overleg) 14 okt 2014 19:37 (UTC)[reageren]

For information only[brontekst bewerken]

en.wikipedia decided to keep this article! --Howan Hansi (overleg) 16 okt 2014 13:28 (UTC)[reageren]